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HOMER Grid 1.2

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Help and Licensing

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Click the blue question mark icon on the top right of the screen to access help and license resources.


This provides access to following:

HOMER Grid Online User Manual - You can access this if you are connected to the internet

HOMER Grid Local User Manual - This pulls up a CHM (Compiled Help Manual) file. You can access this even when you are not connected to the internet

Knowledge base- This takes you to The HOMER Knowledgebase, a searchable database of questions from HOMER users concerning system modeling, training, downloads and licensing. Questions are addressed by HOMER support experts. You can access the Knowledgebase online at

Community Forum - This is a public forum to ask HOMER related questions

Training - If you would like to sign up for training then you can do that here

Basic Support - If you are having installation or technical issues, then submit a support ticket at

Premium Support - If you need one-on-one support for a specific project, then you can buy premium support at


The Homer Support site has a searchable knowledgebase and additional support options. HOMER Online contains the latest information on model updates, as well as sample files, resource data, and contact information. ©2017 HOMER Energy, LLC