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HOMER Grid 1.3

Navigation: Welcome to HOMER Grid

Navigating HOMER Grid

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When you open HOMER Grid for the first time, the HOMER Grid Welcome page will appear as shown below.

Here are the three ways to get started quickly:

Setup Assistant: The setup assistant is the fastest way to create a custom project.

Take a Tour: The tour will show you how to use the HOMER Grid interface.

See Sample Files: Sample files let you skip to see results of example projects.

Setup Page

Tip: If you add PV to your system, selecting a location while on the Home page streamlines the process of adding a PV component and a solar resource.

There are two main functions on the top of the HOMER Grid screen:


Click the Design button to build a system using options under the Electric Load, Utility, Components, Incentives, Outages and Resources tabs at the left side of the page. The design page also includes the Project tab options allow you to change project parameters, check inputs, and change sensitivity and optimization variables. Clicking on the Design button would give the user inputs to add to the model. These inputs are divided into categories as shown below:

Grid Tree

Click the Results button to calculate and review and plot sensitivity cases, investigate optimal systems, and review the details of individual simulations.


At the top left of the screen are four icons:

shots_save_iconClicking the Save button allows you to save your model in the same/exiting .hgrid file.

shots_cloud_icon The Cloud icon indicates that HOMER cloud services are available.

save_edit_iconClicking the Save As button allows you to save it as a new .hgrid file.

folder_iconThe folder tab provides several options: New,  Recent, Browse, Samples, Save, Save As, Compare Files,and Settings. The folder icon opens the below list of options:


Open Folder


At the top right of the screen are two icons:


library icon Clicking on the Library Icon allows you to view and edit components and resources.

Help iconSelect the Help button for help and licensing information.



The Homer Support site has a searchable knowledgebase and additional support options. HOMER Online contains the latest information on model updates, as well as sample files, resource data, and contact information. ©2017 HOMER Energy, LLC