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Edit a Genability Tariff

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To edit a Genability tariff, choose the Utility Tariffs tab and select "Edit a Genability Tariff" as shown below

edit a genability tariff 2


Select the country and enter the postal code for the tariff from the pop-up window.

Note: Genability tariffs are currently only available for the United States, Canada or Mexico.

Choose gen tariff

Choose a tariff from the list to add or delete rates from the selected Genability tariff.

You can now choose to delete a rate, by clicking the icon highlighted below.


You can also choose to add new rates to your Genability Tariff. by clicking the "Add Rate" button highlighted below:


Note: You may only add or delete rates from the selected tariff.

You can then access this tariff in HOMER Grid, by selecting "Choose Custom Tariff" as shown below -


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