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Choose Custom Tariff

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The Choose Custom Tariff Tab within HOMER Grid gives the option to choose a tariff from the user Library or Launch the Library Editor to create a new tariff. Using the Library Editor, you can build complex tariffs such as time of use rates, monthly demand rates, ratchet rates, fixed rates and taxes.




Choose a Tariff


If you have already built a tariff using the Library Editor, then you will be able to use the drop-down to view and select the tariff in your user library. Click OK to add the tariff to your model. If you have a json file built using the Advanced Tariff Builder that you would like to add to the user library, then refer to "Import Tariff" article.



Create an Advanced Tariff

To create an advanced tariff, select the Launch HOMER Library Editor button, followed by the Utility Tariff Tab.


Utility Tab 1

The Utility Tariff Tab will give you access to view and edit your tariff library or create a new tariff using one of the options below.

Use Simple Tariff Builder

Used Advanced Tariff Builder

Combine Tariffs

Edit Genability Tariff

Import Tariff


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