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HOMER Pro 3.11

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Adding Modules

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Several add-on modules are available to add advanced functionality to HOMER Pro. New modules become available as they are developed. The table below lists the currently available modules. To select add-on modules, click the Modules button under the Help tab in the toolbar.





Biomass resource, biogas fuel, biogas and cofired generator


Hydro component and hydro resource

Combined Heat and Power

Thermal load, boiler, thermal load controller, and generator heat recovery ratio

Advanced Load

Additional electric load and deferrable load

Advanced Grid

Real time rates, time-of-use pricing (called scheduled rates in HOMER), grid extension models, and demand charges


Includes the reformer, electrolyzer, hydrogen tank, and fuel cell (generator fueled by stored hydrogen) components, as well as the hydrogen load

Advanced Storage

Unlocks the Modified Kinetic Battery Model with rate dependent losses, temperature effects on capacity, degradation due to cycling, and temperature effects on degradation; battery degradation effects are best modeled with the Multi-Year module


Model price escalation or variation of the grid or fuel, load growth, changing economic incentives, battery degradation, and PV degradation