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HOMER Pro 3.11



Simple Rates mode allows you to set a constant power price and a sell-back price. You can also choose whether to use net metering and set emissions factors associated with grid electricity. Simple Rates mode is the only grid option that does not require the Advanced Grid module. The Simple Rates option has two tabs, Parameters with prices and net metering options and Emissions with various types of emissions percentages.


The Parameters tab contains options for grid rates and net metering. Grid rates refer to the prices associated with buying electricity from the grid and selling electricity to the grid. In HOMER, grid rates encompass the following variables.



Grid Power Price ($/kWh)

The cost of buying power from the grid, in $/kWh.

Grid Sellback Price ($/kWh)

The price that the utility pays you for power you sell to the grid in $/kWh.

Net Metering

Select this option to base grid energy charges on net usage. See Net metering for more details.

Net purchases calculated monthly

Select this option to calculate net usage monthly.

Net purchases calculated annually

Select this option to calculate net usage annually.


The grid emissions options under the Emissions tab are described in the Emissions section of the help.

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