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HOMER Pro 3.11



Important: Several options for adding the grid are part of the Advanced Grid module. See Adding Modules for more information on purchasing modules.

You can add the Grid Component like any component. It is treated as another part of your hybrid system. If you want an off-grid system, do not add a Grid component.

The Grid page allows you to specify the grid in several different ways:

Simple rates mode allows you to specify a constant power price, sell back price, and sale capacity.

Real time rates define prices on an hourly basis by importing a properly formatted text file with time-series data (requires Advanced Grid module).

Scheduled rates allow for different prices at each time of day and month of the year (requires Advanced Grid module).

Grid extension mode compares the cost of a grid extension with the cost of each stand-alone system configuration in the model (requires Advanced Grid module).

You can access other grid properties in addition to the rates by clicking on the corresponding tab:

Parameters contains options for costs and capacity, depending on the type of rate selected.

Demand Rates contains options to model demand charges. This tab is only available in the Real time rates and Scheduled rates modes. Its contents are different for each of these rate modes.

Reliability provides options to model an unreliable grid with random outages. This tab is only available in the Real time rates and Scheduled rates modes.

Emissions allows you specify emissions factors for several pollutants in terms of g/kWh.

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