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HOMER Pro 3.9

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Controller Troubleshooting

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If you see the "DLL Load Library Failed. Error Code ..." error message when you calculate your system, HOMER could not use the DLL containing the control algorithm for one or more of your controllers. If your system contains several controllers (listed as tab on the Controller Set Up page), calculate the system with one controller at a time to figure out which one is causing the error.

The most likely cause for this error is improper configuration of the MATLAB Link controller. If you are using the MATLAB Link controller, consult the MATLAB Link troubleshooting section of the help.

If you are developing or using a custom controller—other than Cycle Charging, Load Following, Generator Order, or MATLAB Link—there might be a problem with your DLL, such as missing dependencies.

If you encounter this error message when trying to run the Generator Order dispatch, you might have a corrupt installation of HOMER. Uninstall HOMER. Ensure that all of its directories (the HOMER Energy folders in Documents and in Program Files) are deleted. Reinstall HOMER. If the problem still occurs, contact us at customer support: