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This page contains the version history for HOMER Front.

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  • Battery aggressiveness factor as a $/MWh
  • June 13th, 2022
    • Capacity market contracted capacity
    • Issues:
    • Issue with IRR and payback time displaying in the Optimization Results table
    • Issue listing Order of Commitments
    • Issue displaying year in Revenue Summary of Detailed Results
    • Enhancements
    • Re-design for user profile and publish date

    May 18th, 2022
    • With displaying Capacity Market Revenue in Summary tab’s graphic in Detailed Simulation Results (s2)
    • With displaying Operating expenses on the Cash Flow (S2)
    • With displaying detailed results for Capacity Market- only project (S3)
    • Issue displaying last augmentation expense on the Augmentation View of the Detailed Results (S3)
    • Issue with displaying TOD price on Summary graphic of Detailed Simulation Results (S3)
    • Issue with publishing causes page not to load (S3)
    • Issue displaying old results (S3)
    • Issue with units on the Revenue tab in Detailed Simulation Results (S3)
    • Enhancement
    • Units displayed in the timeseries viewer (S3)
    • Error message for negative PV degradation (S3)

    May 9th, 2022
    • With viewing old results (S1)
    • With the calculation timing out (s1)
    • Help for Early-stage design (S2)
    • Issue with setting times for TOD obligations (S2)
    • Issue with showing Augmentation in MWh in the graphics, for early stage design (S2)
    • Enhancement
    • Error if TOD without obligation is undefined (S2)
    • Clearer labels on the Augmentation price decline curve graphic (S2)
    • Add year to Summary graphic in the Detailed Simulation Results (S2)
    • Equipment selection is on the setup page (S2)
    • Features
    • Redesign for Project Listing page (S2)
    • Display Augmentation cost each time we display Operational Expenses (S2)

    April 29th, 2022 Release
    • Early and late stage analysis (for running a quick single-year representation, or multi-year simulation)
    • Only allow AC/DC selection if solar+storage model
    • Hide ‘Battery can charge from grid’ in storage only and wind+storage systems
    • Added user profile information, which allows for Signing Out and to see what version is published
    • Issue
    • With displaying revenue in the Revenue View graphic
    • With PV degradation
    • Issue with wind
      • Display in optimization results and summary
      • unit in Wind Project Summary table
      • Wind in schematic
      • Wind losses calculation
      Issue with energy market
      • Allow user to set system capacity for last energy market
      • Issue with displaying TOD revenue and Capacity revenue in the graphic on the Revenue Summary
      • Dispatch convergence issues
    • Redesign for ‘Add’ obligation time
    • Help for Economics
    • New Schematic Design

    March 31st, 2022 Release
    • Dispatch change for multiple energy markets
    • Wind modeling, including Production Tax Incentive
    • Enhancements & Fixes
      In the Simulation Results
      • Issue with operating expenses
      In the Detailed Results Views
      • Issue with axis labels in the Cash Flow view
      • Issue with units on the tooltip of the box and whisker chart in the Storage view
      • Enhancement to storage results metrics, adding energy storage revenue and
      • exports to each market, in the Storage View
      • Enhancements to the zoom functionality and custom colors for data in the
      • Timeseries viewer
      • Issue with axis and legend labels on the Revenue view
      • Issue with clipped energy and operating expenses listed in the Summary view
      • Issue displaying the last year in the Pro Forma view
      In the inputs
      • Enhancement to allow negative inflation rate
      • Enhancement to include additional storage types, specifically smaller modules
      • Issue with battery specifications for the 4MWh battery fixed
      • Enter storage in $/kWh instead of $/unit for the Cost Sensitivity Analysis
      • Custom escalation table hides when disabled
      • Loading icon while importing load data
      • Enhancement to the 12x24 chart to display month and time
      • Corrections and enhancements with in-app help
      • Enhancement to the price import for displaying negative prices

    February 9th, 2022 Release
    • Capacity market program season is set with monthly price; storage must not remain at 100% state of charge during the entire season.
    • Sample file
    • Display storage assumptions in the inputs and results views
    • PVsyst import enhancements
    • Enhancements to results views to report on Time of Delivery Power Purchase Agreement

    January 27th, 2022 Release
    • Ability to import a custom storage file (.xml format)
    • Ability to have random events for capacity market events correlate with high prices periods
    • Additional results view and export capability for the ‘Pro Forma’ information

    January 1, 2022 Core Features of General Availability Release Applications
    • Energy markets
    • Capacity market, also known as Resource Adequacy
    • Time of delivery, power purchase agreement
    • Equipment
    • AC vs DC coupling
    • Interconnection limit
    • Solar
      • HOMER PV production calculator
      • PV production import feature
      • Cost sensitivity analysis
      • Cost breakdown
      • PV degradation
      • Solar-dedicated converter
      • Resource database
      • Resource upload
      • Generic component library
      • Custom battery specification import
      • Cost sensitivity analysis
      • Cost breakdown
      • Augmentation price decline
      • Augmentation degradation limit
      • Storage-dedicated converter
    • Incentives (ITC, MACRS, Bonus Depreciation)
    • Additional project economics
    • Results View
    • Sensitivity Results table
    • Optimization Results table
    • Simulation Results views
      • Summary view
      • Solar view
      • Storage view
      • Augmentation view
      • Revenue view
      • Cash flow view
      • Pro Forma view with export
      • Timeseries view with export

    HOMER Pro 3.15.2 BETA3 – End of May
      Enhancements to hydrogen
    • Warnings the hydrogen only works with LF and CC, not ML, GO, CD (S3)
    • Unment hydrogen to Simulation Results (S3)
    • Display units for LCOH in Simulation Results (S3)
    • Default hydrogen tank no longer requires 'end tank level to equal or exceed' (S3)

    HOMER Pro 3.15.1 BETA2 –May 4th
    • Fix

    HOMER Grid 1.9.0 – End of May
    • In-app help with new icons
    • Detailed Cost Structure
      • PV
      • Storage
    • Dedicated converter for Storage
    • Updated tariffs, since 2020
    • Changed user tariff chooser pop-up from dropdown to table, to see full name and tariff abbreviation
    • Ability to edit customer tariff, directly from Utility view (S2)
    • Enhancements
    • Relabeled and reorganized tariff chooser tabs
    • Rate tooltips filtered by rate settings
    • Library button is labeled
    • Delete reference to community forum, fix links to support and Engineer Hours
    • Messaging if concurrent license seats are full
    • Warning if no load is specified for Visualize Utility Bill
    • Utility View’s tabs are consolidated
    • View rates relevant to the rate setting selected
    • Add warning when user deletes a tariff (S3)
    • Issues
    • Wind production higher than rated turbine capacity
    • Text fixes and label changes (ex: number of strings in battery search space)
    • Issue with file hanging if the battery wear is zero
    • Demand Response savings not appearing in Client Proposal
    • Issue with peak demand interval and ratchet rate not saving when editing existing demand rate

    June Release, pending testing
    • Compete TOD with last energy market