Intelligently Reduce Demand Charges
with HOMER Grid

HOMER Grid is a robust, powerful tool for optimizing the value of behind-the-meter, solar-plus-storage and hybrid distributed generation systems, especially when demand charges and energy arbitrage matter.

The most flexible and sophisticated tool on the market, HOMER Grid:

  • Determines the best mix of resources for the least-cost solution
  • Calculates the value of demand charge reduction, energy arbitrage, and self-consumption
  • Enables you to design a system with the best rate of return
  • Is built on the trusted HOMER engine, the global standard for designing distributed generation systems
  • Makes it easy to create simple or complex utility tariffs for any country in the world
  • Offers thousands of library components - including solar PV, storage, wind, CHP, and backup generators - so you can easily build a system to meet your needs

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Get the Full Picture of What’s Possible

Demonstrate the value of your behind-the-meter system with HOMER Grid’s powerful optimization, proven results and features that include:

  • Value-stacking
  • Demand Charge Reduction
  • Powerful, Proven Optimization
  • Cutting-Edge Dispatch Strategy
  • Robust Storage Model
  • Accurate Results
  • Quick Path to Bankable Results
  • Understand and Quantify Risk
  • Completely Customizable
  • CHP Capabilities
  • Easily Model Specific Locations

More Accurate Tariffs = More Accurate Modeling

HOMER Grid makes it easy to confidently select or build the right tariff for your specific location and needs. With HOMER Grid’s Tariff Builder application, you can accurately model complex, custom utility tariffs around the world. Or, drawing from Genability’s tariff database, you can easily model new and changed tariffs across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Our experts are also available to create almost any tariff.

Coverage of HOMER Grid’s Tariff Library in the U.S.

About the HOMER Engine

Originally developed at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), the HOMER engine provides insight into the complexities and tradeoffs of designing cost effective, reliable microgrids, driving informed decision making so you can design your systems with confidence.

  • Combines engineering and economics in one powerful model
  • Quickly and efficiently determines least-cost options
  • Simulates real-world performance and delivers an optimized design

“It does more than any other tool.”

--EPC pre-construction manager.

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