Intelligently Reduce Demand Charges
with HOMER Grid

Model hybrid energy systems to evaluate multiple options and determine the most economic design

HOMER Grid combines engineering and economics information in one comprehensive model. It rapidly performs complex calculations to compare multiple components and design outcomes, identify points at which different technologies become cost-competitive, and consider various options for minimizing project risk and reducing energy expenditures.

Intelligently reduce the peak power you buy from the utility each month. Determine the best mix of resources for the least-cost solution, and design a system with the highest possible rate of return.

HOMER Grid makes it easy to confidently select or build the right tariff for your specific location and needs. HOMER Grid lets you accurately create and model virtually any utility tariff from around the world, including tariffs with time-of-use and seasonal rates, contracted demand rates, tiered rates, and much more. Users in the US, Canada, and Mexico can draw from Genability’s database of over 35,000 commercial and industrials utility tariffs. Our experts are also available to create almost any tariff you need for accurate modeling.

Instantly produce customized, client-facing reports that present key aspects of a proposed system, offer clear cost comparisons, and outline economic value streams. Save time and earn customer trust with insightful system overviews.

The HOMER storage model is the most accurate and sophisticated model on the market, based on the input of thousands of users. HOMER Grid accurately models battery life and performance for the duration of your project, so you know exactly what to expect.

Design an optimal hybrid energy system that reduces the increase in utility costs and demand charges from on-demand or fleet EV charging.

One plus one plus one can equal more than three if you optimize to stack value. Understand your ROI from combining value from demand charge reduction, energy arbitrage, and self-consumption.

Combine the power of your favorite solar modeling tool, HelioScope or PVSyst, with HOMER Grid for more accurate modeling and more bankable results.

Leverage powerful optimization and proven results with the most sophisticated software tool available:

  • Determine the best resource mix to deliver the least-cost solution
  • Understand and demonstrate the value of demand charge reduction, energy arbitrage, and self-consumption
  • Design an optimized system with the best rate of return
  • Model electric vehicle charging to minimize the costs of increased energy demand
  • Understand the value of participating in incentive and demand-response programs
  • Access thousands of library components to easily model a system to meet your specific needs
  • Quickly create simple or complex utility tariffs for any country in the world
  • Save time and increase sales with insightful customer-facing proposals that demonstrate system value

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About HOMER's Modeling Approach

Originally developed at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), HOMER software provides insight into the complexities and tradeoffs of designing cost effective, reliable microgrids, driving informed decision making so you can design systems with confidence.

  • Simulates real-world performance and delivers an optimized design
  • Quickly and efficiently determines least-cost options
  • Combines engineering and economics in one powerful model

“I love how straightforward HOMER is for setting up and the continuous improvements to modeling options like the new components library. It’s amazing. Over the years I’ve also tried other modeling software, which I like, but does not have such a friendly interface and inputting data is a bit more complex. Also, HOMER has a more updated database of components and it’s easier to add them.”

--Mauricio Solano-Peralta, Infratec Ltd.

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