icon The Power of HOMER: Diversified products to meet your planning needs

Our flagship product HOMER Pro grew out of the US Dept of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory. More than 150,000 people have downloaded HOMER, and since our rearchitecture to HOMER Pro in late 2014, over 1 million potential microgrid and distributed generation projects have been modeled with HOMER. Companies of all sizes, governmental organizations, and colleges and universities around the world depend on HOMER. HOMER Pro is available as a fully-functional trial for 21 days, and we offer many license configurations to meet your needs. Try HOMER Pro now.
HOMER QuickStart
HOMER Quickstart is our newest HOMER product, released in mid-2017 as a simple, browser-based version of HOMER for the energy access market. HOMER QuickStart is free to use at this time, and is a great way to learn what HOMER does and how to use a model to make tradeoff decisions regarding hybrid renewable power systems. QuickStart is built on the HOMER SaaS API. Try HOMER QuickStart now.
The HOMER SaaS API gives you the power of HOMER in your own web-based application. Learn more about how you can put the Power of HOMER to use in your organization with a branded web-based HOMER version.
A controller manages a microgrid’s components to provide power in the most economical way possible. HOMER Pro includes a choice of out-of-the-box controller algorithms, but companies often have their own proprietary controller solutions. That’s why the HOMER Controller API lets you use and distribute your controller as an option in the HOMER platform. Learn more.