icon HOMER Grid Version History

This page contains the version history for HOMER Grid, released in March 2018. HOMER Pro and earlier HOMER version history is here.

Download the latest HOMER Grid version here.

HOMER Grid Version 1.2.0 Beta (June 19, 2018)
    Features and Improvements
    New features:
    • Advanced Tariff Builder Application
    • HelioScope API connection
    • Ability to import PV production time series
    • Extended, infrequent outages & non-critical loads
    • Wind
    • Performance Improvements
    • Authenticated proxy support & improved concurrent license system
    • Visualizations to verify utility rates and bill
    • Increased flexibility to import measure load data

HOMER Grid Version 1.1.3 (May 15, 2018)
    Features and Improvements
    • Improved Optimization Report chart visualizations
    • Edited sample files
    • Production-based incentives and MACRS credited starting in the first year of operation
    • Optimization Report accommodates user-defined base cases for comparing economics
    • Units of Demand Rate in Time Series Viewer
    • Customizable currency fixes
    • Formatting for negative numbers exported to Excel

HOMER Grid Version 1.1.2 (April 5, 2018)
    Features and Improvements
    • New License Manager Page
    • Improved Optimization Report
    • Improved Wizard Interface
    • Simulation Report's Energy Purchased from Grid and Energy Sold to Grid graphs
    • Battery lifetime bug
    • Variable rates for calculating monthly demand rates
    • Use total demand rate for monthly demand limit optimization

HOMER Grid Version 1.1.1 (March 9, 2018)
    Features and Improvements
    • Wizard allows for customizable tariff rate settings
    • Optimization Report styling
    • Generator schedule, maintenance, and fuel limit
    • Storage component lifetime and annual throughput
    • Excess Electricity metrics

HOMER Grid Version 1.1.0 First Release (March 1, 2018)
    Features and Improvements
    • Initial release
    • Added Combined heat and power module per customer input
    • Genability tariff database integration for USA, Canada, Mexico, and Australia