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HOMER Grid 1.8

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Non-Critical Load

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A non-critical electric load will not be served during an outage event. It will also not be served during a demand response event, which can be defined on the demand response page. Clicking on Non-critical will bring up the following setup page.


noncritical load


Specify a non-critical electric load by choosing one of the three options:


Importing a load from a time series file

Download OpenEI Load Profiles

Creating a synthetic load from a profile


Click the red X next to the title to remove the load from the schematic and model.

noncritical remove



Tip: If you would like to define 20% of your load profile to be critical load and 80% of your load profile to be non-critical load, define the same load profile in both the Electric Load section and the Non-critical Load section. Then, scale the field ‘Scaled Annual Average (kWh/day)’ in the Electric Load section to 20% of its original value, and scale the field ‘Scaled Annual Average (kWh/day)’ in the Non-critical Load section to 80% of its original value.


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