HOMER Market Insight Reports

HOMER Market Insight Reports: Smarter Market Intelligence

What if you had a window into pre-market activity in a geographic region while you were still developing your global strategy? Various market reports, from highly reputable firms, show the global microgrid market expanding at a rapid clip. Now you can pinpoint potential activity in some of the world’s most active microgrid and distributed generation markets before you commit resources.

  • Understand key microgrid markets quickly, without having to conduct a lot of original research
  • See the type of configurations favored and where they are being considered
  • Observe trends in microgrid analysis

Real World Data from Real World Users

HOMER Market Insight Reports provide a comprehensive look into the current conditions and future potential of existing and emerging microgrid and distributed generation markets, as evidenced by HOMER® modeling activity in those areas. Unlike other market reports, which are based on interviews and high-level company reports, HOMER Market Insight Reports are based on real data from real microgrid professionals.

Aggregated data from HOMER software model runs provide an unmatched view into potential microgrid and distributed generation projects being considered around the world. As the global standard for microgrid and distributed energy resource design, HOMER microgrid techno-economic modeling software (HOMER Pro and HOMER Grid) has over 200,000 users worldwide, including project developers, engineering service companies, equipment vendors, and finance organizations. We filtered over 50,000 potential projects down to those we think are the most likely to represent potential commercial opportunities.

Published about 10 times per year, each report focuses on a specific country or region, and includes analysis of:

  • Economic conditions
  • Power systems and transmission networks
  • Electric capacity and location
  • Types (Grid connected, Village, or Island Utility) and general locations of modeled projects
  • Potential size configurations and trends through time
  • Types of components being considered
  • Types of organizations modeling potential or actual projects

Available Reports

Philippines Purchase
Indonesia Coming Fall 2018
India Coming late Fall 2018

Subsequent reports will be determined based on input from our community, so if you're interested in a specific geography or region, please let us know.

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Available Reports

Philippines Purchase
Indonesia Coming Fall 2018
India Coming Late Fall 2018

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